Measuring your Furniture

Before you order your new furniture, you need to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your home. That means making sure the proportions are right for your room, and that your furniture will fit into your home, through all your access points.

How to measure your furniture

Start by taking the following measurements:

  • Measure the surface area of the space where you want to put the furniture.
  • Make a rough sketch with a note of the dimensions.
  • Now measure the width and depth of the furniture you want to order.
  • Don’t worry if it seems too big. We offer spilt sofa options on some of our larger sofas.

Top Tips when deciding size of sofas and chairs

Make sure you to use newspaper to lay out the sizes of the sofas and chairs on your floor if the room is empty. If you have existing furniture just add pieces of paper to the furniture to bring it up to size. This will help you visualise were all other furniture such as tv, lamp, coffee table, etc will fit in to your room. Please remember the size of your new sofa will take time for you to adjust to because it is a different shape or size to your last sofa. And then you’ll know exactly what size sofa suits your room.

Will it go in?

Measure the width and height of all doorways, hallways also measure the distance the stairs / banister from the front and the doorway to the relevant room. If it was easy to get your existing furniture in, compare the measurements with the model you want to replace it with.

We’re here to help

When you visit our showrooms, if you’re still unsure, please contact a member of staff and we will be happy to go through all measurements with you. And help you choose the right size of furniture for your room.