Queen Ann Chair


CHAIR 91cm (36”) 104cm (41”)

*All sizes are approx can be either + / – 1″


The Queen Ann Chair is one of the most versatile pieces of upholstery we make. It can be used to great effect in the living room / sitting room and front entrance to most homes.

The first thing you notice when you look at the chair is its style and shape. This is not your average Queen Anne chair. Both the arms and the wings taper out which softens the edges. It has a reversible high back cushion which has two sections, head roll and lumber. The head roll can be soft and comfortable; the lumber can be firm or soft depending on personal requirements. This is ideal for someone who needs extra support because of back problems.

When viewed from the side the full extent of its style and shape becomes evident. The wing has a beautiful shape which sweeps down to meet the arm. The side bottom rail has a bowed shape similar to the shape of the bottom front rail. The front of the arm is also very unusual. It has a hand pleated roll which surrounds the circular facing.

When you sit in the chair and feel the comfort of its high back support I think you will agree this is an exceptional Queen Ann chair.

Additional Information:

Chair – just supplied high back