On Delivery


Before your furniture is delivered, please clear enough space for our delivery team to maneuver it safely into your room.
Once our delivery team removes all packaging, they will install the furniture exactly where you want it.  Please inspect your new furniture. Please make sure you are satisfied before our delivery team leaves your home. And they will take away all packaging to be recycled.

Upon initially unwrapping your furniture, the tight packaging may have caused marks and creasing on your fabric or leather but these will soon disappear in a warm room. This is often most pronounced on the corners of soft back cushions and the front of arm pads, and can be easily recovered by plumping and manipulating the soft fibre filling. Also evenly smooth the fabric / leather with your hands. The packaging may also leave a film of dust on your furniture, which can be simply cleaned away using a clean white cloth. 

We would strongly advise you to carefully read your Manufacturer's care instructions (provided), as the information provided has been drafted specifically for your product and gives you all of the necessary advice in helping to care for your new furniture. 
If you have wooden floors, use a protective felt on the feet of your new furniture to prevent scratching. Always ask someone to help you lift and carry it, never drag it, as this can cause damage.